都内限定でPop Up 出張陶芸ワークショップの企画も承っています。
イベントはもちろん、仲間との絆を深めるチームビルディング の一貫として、またはお子様向けのワークショップがされたい方などこの機会にぜひお問い合わせください。


◾︎ワークショップ プランA | 手びねり出張陶芸教室
価格…お一人様6,500円 (焼成費、送料込)

◾︎ワークショップ プランB | お子様主張陶芸教室
価格…お一人様4,500円 (焼成費、送料込)


I’m currently available to host pop up pottery classes in Tokyo!
If you’d like me to come over to your shop, office space, kindergarden, gallery, community space or back garden to run a pottery class as part of a craft event, team building exercise, promotional event for your business or just for fun, please get in touch and let’s discuss.

If you’re new to clay, don’t worry, that's what I'm here for! 
I’ll explain everything step by step and show you all that you need to know to have fun with clay.
Let's share the joy and zen of making things with clay together!
I have years of experience teaching in the UK as well so I can happily run classes in English.
I will design classes around your space and your specific needs and I will work to create a truly unique and special event just for you!
Please feel free to drop me any inquiries through contact form. 

Below is an example of a workshop plan:

◾︎Workshop plan A | Handbuilding workshop

I will be start by introducing the making process and then we will focus on learning handbuilding technique called 'coil building'. Everyone will have the opportunity, under my guidance, to produce a very special piece of work that you can use in your day to day life.

Price…  ¥6,000 (Include firing, Shipping)
Time… 2h
Number of students… 4pp(min)-10ppl(max)
Things to bring… Aprons, Towels
※Clay should come off after washing but please try not to wear fancy clothes on the workshop day.

◾︎Workshop plan B | Handbuilding workshop for children

Let’s get little hands busy! I will demonstrate slab building and 
the pinch pot technique so that young participants can experiment with
clay, create their own pieces, and decorate them using materials collected from nature. Possible creations include animal shaped plant 
pots, figurines and pinch pots. I hope your little one will enjoy the clay time!

Price…  ¥4,500 (Include firing, Shipping)
Time… 2h
Number of students… 6pp(min)-12ppl(max)
Age 4years-15years (please join with parent if the child is under 6years old)
Things to bring… Aprons, Towels
※Clay should come off after washing but please try not to wear fancy
clothes on the workshop day.